About US

For over 65 years, Saunders has been universally recognized as the leading manufacturer of aluminum form holders and clipboards. Saunders products are specifically engineered for people who need to take their work with them and be productive away from their desk. Saunders has created lines for medical, emergency and police professionals, appraisers, factory floor personnel, delivery and service professionals, engineers, students and teachers and many other niche groups. The Cruiser-Mate®, A-Holder®, Redi-Rite®, and WorkMate are a few of our most popular products. Also known as “The Clipboard People,” Saunders has created lines of hardboard and plastic clipboards in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

As part of Saunders commitment to the consumers and the environment, we make our aluminum products environmentally friendly by using recycled aluminum with at least 30% post-consumer waste. We also have a vast selection of recycled plastics, all of which are made in the USA and contains at least 50% post-consumer waste materials. All Saunders hardboard clipboards are also made in the USA, and made with 100% recycled and/or recovered materials.

Saunders has been partnering with Americans who are blind or have other disabilities to bring quality American made goods to the marketplace for over 20 years. By sponsoring workshops in both Maine and Mississippi, Saunders has been able to assist Americans in finding gainful employment. Saunders has recently expanded its partnership to work with non-profit community-based organizations to be able to secure more jobs for Americans who are blind or disabled across the nation.  The US-Works® icon is the notation of these products.

Saunders is a Saunders Midwest, LLC Company.

Saunders plant in Readfield, Maine